White Papers
Be a Superhero: Use Application & Infrastructure Visibility to Gain Competitive Advantage
Learn how to gain end-to-end insight into critical applications and infrastructure while reducing event storm noise. Quickly identify and resolve problems for increased quality of service and reduced costs.
Using IT operations analytics to predict outages before they become service impacting
IBM IT Operations Analytics solutions analyze the terabytes of big data from your IT operations. These solutions turn your data into understandable, relevant information that provides insights that you can act on immediately.
Transforming Your Business to Drive Innovation and Growth
This webinar will discuss the challenges of designing and deploying new network services in a Telecommunications Service Provider environment. It will describe the advantages of exploiting a Cloud environment to implement these services and ongoing efforts in the Open Community to address the associated challenges.
2015 DevOps Survey
This survey was conducted by IEEE Computer Society on behalf of IBM. The purpose of this survey was to better understand how the IEEE Computer Society Members and community has adopted a continuous delivery environment with DevOps. The survey also measured the usage of cloud services to develop and run web and mobile applications.
2015 Developer Survey
This survey was conducted by IEEE Computer Society on behalf of IBM to gain insight from the IEEE Computer Society members as well as its community of developers who lead decision making as it relates to building mobile applications while better understanding the challenges they face. The survey was conducted from the end of May and was closed on June 22, 2015.
Real Experiences: Transforming Application Delivery for Continuous Innovation
Key Takeaways: Learn from real experiences in transforming large organizations for increased speed and quality using a DevOps approach. Explore the characteristics and behavior of fast-moving companies, based on hundreds of assessments, interviews and implementations. Begin a self-assessment designed to give you a better understanding of your organization's readiness and next steps to continuous innovation.
Agile for Dummies- new version
Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! With Agile For Dummies by your side you’ll learn the fundamentals of agile and how to increase the productivity of your software teams while enabling them to produce higher-quality solutions that better fulfill customer needs much faster.
Ten Answers Regarding Mobile App Testing
This white paper digs deep into the reasons testing mobile apps is fundamentally harder than traditional web or desktop applications. A collaboration by Tina Zhuo and Dennis Schultz from IBM along with Yoram Mizrachi from Perfecto Mobile and John Montgomery from uTest, these experts explore the complexities of mobile test environments, the value of the mobile device cloud, the unique role crowd sourcing can play, and how teams can leverage automation to help deliver quality apps.
Service Virtualization For Dummies
Discover service virtualization and how it fits into the big picture of software quality. In this book, Service Virtualization For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition written by industry analysts Marcia Kaufman and Judith Hurwitz, learn how to deliver higher quality software by increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes while reducing testing downtime and testing cost. The book covers the following topics and more: (1) Understand the changing relationship between IT and business — quicker delivery is required (2) Examine today’s complex applications — mobile, web, social meet middleware, packaged apps, databases, and mainframes. (3) Discover how to begin with service virtualization — build your business case. (4) Realize the benefits of service virtualization —enable earlier testing to eliminate surprises and reduce risk.
MobileFirst - Enterprise Grade End-to-End Security for Mobile Apps in a Nutshell (live 3/12)
Speaker: Marek Sadowski

MobileFirst brings best of breed end-to-end enterprise grade security for mobile apps. Through a hands-on walk-through we will explore how to secure your app , featuring an iOS app. Crucial steps, including app store considerations, leveraging an enterprise app store, through building in-app authorization, scanning for app security issues, providing the access to the cloud and enterprise services and data as well as app management and access control will be covered through a series of rapid demonstrations.

Attendees will learn:
  • areas to focus on for end-to-end mobile app security
  • techniques to control access and manage security at various points in the system
  • how to leverage technology in the IBM MobileFirst Platform to integrate security at all stages of mobile app development
Best Practices for Building Exceptional Mobile Apps! (live 3/17)
Speaker: Andrew Trice

Building mobile apps doesn't have to be hard. With proper architecture, planning, and adhering to best practices, you can build pretty much anything that your mind can dream up. Through extensive demonstrations, we will explore best practices for building real-world mobile applications leveraging the latest in mobile platform technology from IBM. This includes exposing data, securing cloud and enterprise systems, managing versions, understanding what your app and users are doing through analytics, and cloud vs on-premise considerations. Both native and hybrid development strategies will be examined and discussed for the benefits they each bring to you as a developer.

Key takeaways include:
  • Critical considerations in native and hybrid development
  • strategies and best practices to integrate with cloud and enterprise systems
  • strengths of IBM Platform technology for building truly engaging mobile experiences.
Continuous mobile app quality - Listen to that feedback! (live 3/24)
Speaker: Chris Brealey & Mike Melick

As mobile app users, we want to love the apps we use; and when we don't, we tend to make noise about it. This is why the reputation and success of your business can blossom or collapse on the quality of your mobile channel. Are your apps fast, elegant and intuitive? Are they secure and reliable? Are they fun to use? Do you know? Can you turn around a better app before the flames erupt and your customer base erodes? In this session we will discuss the importance of and impediments to delivering high quality mobile apps, and explore solutions from IBM that can help you continuously assure the technical and emotional quality of your mobile apps.

Attendees will learn:
  • The importance of high quality mobile apps to business health,
  • The consequences of a poor mobile system of engagement.
  • Unique and difficult aspects of mobile app quality,
  • How IBM Mobile Quality Assurance can help them actively and continuously collect feedback and insight into app quality
From Idea to Production in Minutes: IBM DevOps for Bluemix Short-Circuits Development Headaches
IBM DevOps for Bluemix provides an integrated set of DevOps services in the IBM Bluemix PaaS. This session provides an overview of IBM DevOps services on Bluemix, focusing on quickly getting started with new projects and collaborative development with agile tracking and planning.
PaaS Built for Development: IBM Bluemix Solves a Range of Iinfrastructure and Middleware Challenges
IBM is providing developers an open, flexible cloud environment connecting the enterprise and born-on-the-web developers using their choice of tools, whether IBM, third-party, or open technologies, in a scalable environment. This session provides an overview of IBM Bluemix capabilities.
Develop in the Cloud, Deploy Anywhere: Strategies for Write-Once, Use-Many Coding and Ops Solutions for Agile Enterprises
Enterprise applications are becoming increasingly complex, leveraging components across multiple platforms, including cloud. Learn how you can leverage IBM DevOps Services for Bluemix to provide full multi-stage release and deployment management to facilitate development.
Does your app hit the mark with users? Use cloud-based services to find out for sure!
Like it or not, you will hear from your vocal users. It’s not unusual to see ratings from 1 to 5 stars for the same app. How do you track and compare actual and perceived quality? How can you get actionable insight from user feedback to develop mobile apps that engage users?
Accelerate Mobile App development with a Cloud Based Mobile Application Services Platform
Enterprises adopt mobile application platforms to help develop and deliver a portfolio of mobile applications systematically. Today’s new crop of easily consumable cloud based mobile services is also changing the way in which apps are developed and maintained.
Securing Your Worklight Applications with IBM Worklight Application Scanning
How can you get actionable insight from user feedback to develop mobile apps that engage users and deliver what matters to them? The answer lies in cloud-based services that enable rapid collection and analysis of user feedback combined with automation enabling faster response.
Modernizing Software Delivery through Software-Defined Environments
Software-defined environments expedite software delivery for all layers in a platform and for multiple clouds. This paper discusses SDE benefits and use cases and ways to transition to this approach.
Analyst Report -- IBM is the champion! Info-Tech Vendor Landscape: ALM 2015
As development lifecycles get shorter and complexity increases, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools provide transparency and automation in a process agnostic context.
DevOps - The IBM Approach
The IBM solution for DevOps helps an organization collaborate across a broad group of stakeholders that includes not only development, but also line of business, clients, and operations teams. This paper explains the IBM approach to DevOps.
The New Software Imperative: Fast Delivery With Quality - Eight DevOps Practices Are The Key To Success
The pressure to develop and deliver quality software has entered a phase of new intensity. It’s no wonder. Demands for customer-oriented software, systems to counter digital competitors, and software-driven business innovations make application development crucial to business success.
Five vital steps for successful software delivery in a chaotic world
Delivering applications that meet the needs of the business can be a challenge in a complex business climate that is constantly changing. Diverse, multiple heterogeneous environments are the norm, all of which must be maintained and deployed.